PSGD provides professional Services in the following areas:

Information Technology

To optimize the advantages of Information Technology (IT), proficiency, experience, and a diverse skill- set are fundamental. PSGD has the experience and skill-set to manage and enhance the IT assets of its customers. Using industry standards, our IT professionals leverage this experience and skill-set to meet the demands of developing technologies. PSGD’s support includes Help Desk and Network Support, Software Development, and Database and Systems Administration. PSGD IT professionals and clients collaborate to determine requirements and needs, establish performance thresholds, and coordinate continuous improvement processes.

Engineering Support

Applying sound principles of science and mathematics, along with the necessary experience, engineers must have the ability to deliver simple solutions to complex systems and projects. They may perform services such as, managing system requirements, translating requirements into design criteria, evaluating diverse design approaches, developing system specifications, and managing sustainment activities. Engineers may conduct technical analysis and consultation for fact-based decisions to senior leadership, program managers, and field personnel for assigned systems/end items.

Logistics and Technical Support

Integrated logistics and technical services must be designed to reduce cost for support; specifically cross-leveraging between supply chain source of repair analysis and supply chain domain expertise, access and utilization of extensive legacy data and associated end-item technical performance. Its support is designed to ensure the benefits of the integrated logistics and technical services are realized. Specifically, that reach-back and domain expertise efforts effectively converge to reduce cost, optimize technical and logistical solutions, and contribute to specific and traceable supply chain performance improvements.

Graphic Design

The breadth of graphic design PSGD offers spreads across many industries. Successful corporate and brand identity, conceptualized by PSGD, always leads to highly responsive collateral materials that speak volumes about the client. Whether it is toward a single project or a robust campaign, PSGD’s effective communication through design, ties together an outstanding meld of visual impact with message.

Environmental Graphics

Many companies have benefitted from their PSGD’s identity and brand, showcased in the larger visual arena. Providing such impactful design displayed through PSGD, elevates awareness, and has been implemented in the form of corporate office environments, trade show arenas, and retail surfaces.